jeudi 1 mai 2014



Welcome to your Fantasy ((Future World Music))
To Glory (Two Steps From Hell)
Dragon Rider (Two Steps From Hell)
Europa (Globus)
Earth rising (Two Steps From Hell)
Sarabande Suite (Aeternae) (Globus)
Epic courage (Chris Haigh)
To the rescue (Future World Music)
Army of Justice (Two Steps From Hell)
Renewed Spirit (PostHaste Music)
You were born for this (Epic Score)
Excelsior (Dirk Ehlert)
Dream Chasers (Future World Music)
Oratio Sanctus (Immediate Music)
The New Earth (Paul Dinletir -- Audiomachine)
Undefeated (Two Steps From Hell)
Tribute (Future World Music)
Ascend to power (Chris Haigh)
House of Fire (Two Steps From Hell)
Strength of a thousand men (Two Steps From Hell)

Les musiques ci-dessus sont la propriété de leurs auteurs respectifs

Medley créé le 18 mai 2012 par Aramis Mousquetayre
Durée : 57'57"
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